Meet Nigerian girl, Esther Okade who is bagging a PhD in Financial Mathematics at the age of 15 (Photos)

A genius is said to be someone who exhibits extraordinary intellectual capacity at a certain stage associated with making further progress in a domain of knowledge, and Nigeria has been blessed with a handful of them. Nigeria sure has talent!

In 2015, the news broke about a 10-year-old math genius, Esther Okade, who was born to Nigerian parents in the international media.

Esther, who lives in Walsall, an industrial city in the United Kingdom, reportedly did not attend a formal school because her mother educated her at home; Omonefe Okade simply called Efe, who turned out to be a teacher and a mathematician.

Esther was said to have grown up like any other girl her age, as she loves to play with Barbie dolls and dress like Elsa from Frozen, but other than that, she is above her age in IQ and academic.

She started school like her age mates, but the once vibrant little girl changed dramatically and luckily her parents noticed the change and decided to teach her from home.

At age six, Esther took GCSE, a exam generally performed for 14-16 years old individuals in the UK and she passed.

The genius loves math so much that she wrote a series of books titled Yummy Yummy Algebra. She started her university course with an excellent grade as one of the youngest undergraduate students and was already the best in her class, obtaining a perfect score on her first exam.

Speaking about her college course of study, financial mathematics, Esther said she wants to finish the entire course in two years and wants to have a bank by the time she is 15 because of her love of numbers.

Esther’s academic excellence has been profiled by various international media outlets.

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