Meet James Edward Roye, the Igbo man that ruled Liberia as President

The Igbo People From The Eastern Part of Nigeria are known to be very smart industrious people and also known to be record breakers and very hardworking. It is unusual to think of an Igbo man Ruling another country but Edward James Roye has Done it in the past.

An Igbo Man Named Edward James Roye Served as The Fifth President of Liberia starting from 1870 up till when he was overthrown in the year 1871 and subsequent Violent Death. Before he became President He served as the 4th Chief Justice of Liberia from the Year 1865 until 1868. Edward James Roye was the first member of True Whigs Party to Serve as President of Liberia.

Edward James Roye together with his family emigrated to the Country of Liberia. Edward James Roye Then set up a Business as a merchant, the followinh year After that Liberia Gained Independence. Within three years of his arrival in Liberia, Roye Became very active in Liberian Politics and he served as a representative and speaker from the year 1849 up rill 1850 of the liberian house of Representative.

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