Many ladies will leave Abuja if married men will stay faithful to their wives – Lady says

Miss Margret James has clarified how jobless single Abuja women lease N1.5 million house and mount pressure on wedded men to take care of the tab.

Addressing WAR in a meeting on Wednesday, James said the pattern in Abuja is that solitary jobless women lease costly houses extending from N1.5 million, N600k, and N800k, at that point go to wedded men to take care of their tabs.

On the off chance that Abuja wedded men can be that OK and face their families, numerous women in the city will return to their towns, since they can’t cover the tabs Margret said.

She included that the women who kill around the city are jobless who rely upon monies from wedded men to endure.

“Huge numbers of these women are from poor homes who are attempting to redress and reassure their destitution by living over their pay” she included.

‘To be true with you, I came to Abuja in the year 2015, and from that second till now, I have no activity, or even a spouse and I have made due till now through the assistance of wedded men”.

She, notwithstanding, included that Abuja men are thoughtful hearted, however said it is just the hitched men that know the estimation of a woman and value them.

She has since spoke to burn women not to burn through their time on single Abuja folks, portraying them as a mischievous being who couldn’t care less how awful they treat ladies.

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