Lockdown: Man eats a bowl of rice and lizard meat (Photos)

We can’t state if it’s subsidence that has defeated this honorable man or if this for sure is a dish delighted in by individuals of his town, yet we can state it’s a food we’re not overcome enough to take a stab at anything time soon.

Nigerian extremist, Che Oyinatumba took to his Facebook page to share photographs of an intriguing dinner he had – the supper was exceptional to the point that he really wanted to recognize the gifts of Africa.

In spite of the fact that he calls it Abakiliki rice, we’re alright with it cause it has ‘rice’ in it, yet what we’re excessively paralyzed at is his ‘support’ for his Abakiliki rice… Exotic, women and courteous fellows, observe… “Extraordinary” Lizard is what is his ‘consolation’ for this supper.

He actually has a Lizard, which looks simmered btw, in his plate.

He subtitled the photographs:

A bowl of Abakiliki rice, presented with fascinating reptile meat and washed down with nkwu ocha!!


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