Lockdown: Man arrested after he was caught transporting a girl in the trunk of his car

A man was arrested at the N12 roadblock on Friday, 17 April, for attempting to smuggle his girlfriend out of Gauteng and into Mpumalanga without a permit.

Law enforcement asked the man to open the boot to search and they found his girlfriend inside. The girlfriend was subsequently arrested after it was found that she consented to be smuggled.

The new lockdown regulations put in place by the government do not allow people to move between provinces without a permit and a valid reason.

The man had a valid permit and his girlfriend did not, and that is when he decided that it would be a great idea for her to squeeze into the trunk of his car. The police stopped the two lovebirds before their criminal master-plan could bear any fruit.

The current lockdown has been extended until the end of April, and the President warned that any person found to be contravening with the new regulations will face stiff penalties.

The extended lockdown has put an incredible amount of strain on couples that are in long-distance relationships, resulting in otherwise sensible people doing nonsensical things.

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