I’m beginning to love Islam as I read the Quran, don’t be surprised if I convert – Christian lady says

Religion conversion is something that happens all the time and it happens in all parts of the world. You will hear a Christian announce that he or she is converting to a Muslim, same way you will hear a Muslim decide that he or she is converting to a Christian, sometimes we even hear people converting to traditionalists.

But in the case of this beautiful Nigerian Twitter user and Baker Olasubomi @Olarshubomi she is telling her followers that she might be converting to a Muslim. She took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she has been reading a lot of Quran lately and that she has found herself falling in love with the religion, she even went further to say that people should not be surprise if she decides to convert soon.

The post have generated so many reactions from her friends and followers under her comment section. While many are welcoming her, assuring her that it will be her best decision ever and that she will never regret it, some are also bad-mouthing her, saying they don’t care:

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