I seized the generator because it is too noisy and it is disturbing other tenants – Landlord arrested for stealing his tenant generator says

A 63 year old man Samson Ogunsanya has been caught with his tenant generator in his apartment which has been missing for 4 days

The tenant revealed he has been searching for his generator for over 3 days but no one knows about his sudden disappearance.

Samson Ogunsanya disclosed that the generator makes lot of noise which disturbs other tenants, i’ve told him severally to fix his generator or buy a new one but he wouldn’t listen, other tenants complained they can’t sleep and it’s really causing a whole lot of issues in the Compound that’s was why i decided to seize his generator

Speaking on the strenght of the report, CSP Ayoola Badmus says the case will be carefully looked into after hearing both sides from the accused and complainant

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