I saw this at the front of my house, what does it mean? – Curious lady ask

Strange things are happening in this world , with what is happening around this world I don’t still believe that bad people are still around looking out for someone to harm.

I was just checking on updates on Facebook that when I saw a post that a lady posted on Facebook about seeing maybe a charm or something I can’t explain.

A lady name maduikeh esumnachi on Facebook says in pidgin “I saw this at the from of my door this morning, I am confused what is this be and what should I do ” ?

Though I never had any experience about seeing something like this and that is the reason of posting this article though there are many comments on Facebook about what she can do to it , but let know your opinions about the charm and what she can do to destroy the deed from the sender.

Share your thoughts about what the lady saw maybe your opinions can help her.

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