I got dumped because my hair is natural – Lady says as other revealed how they got dumped by their partners

Breakups are rough, especially for the one who’s getting broken up with. How I got dumped is a major trend on social media and everyone is revealing their own ordeals. Sometimes you see it coming but most times, you don’t see anything coming at all. Sometimes reasons leading to breakups are so ridiculous, just like these ones below.

A lady took to Twitter to share her experience on how she got dumped by her significant other other the hashtag#HowIGotDumped. According to the lady, her boyfriend dumped her because she has natural hair.

“He said why can’t I just relax my hair like other girls. That was not all, he finished off by saying “ai o rata drama mahn!you know where to find me once your hair is nice and sleek bendimthanda guys”😢😢😢, reads the tweet.

Her confession saw others sharing their break-up experiences. Some hilarious, some weird.

@Lejaka1 She dileberately left her phone unlocked… I became a real p***y by reading her whatsapp texts! Mogirl told the guy that shes gonna push me to dump her! So that she could be with that guy#HowIGotDumped

ThabisoKale3 #HowIGotDumped she was a church and she was moving to another city, I wanted a long distance relationship… She said if god did approve in long distance relationship, he would have placed Adam and eve in different gardens.. 😥

@Lit_N #HowIGotDumped she said “you love too much. I don’t think I deserved to be loved this hard” jiki jiki she’s putting up some guy on her status and calling him “LOML”. There’s beef stock ne guy and then there’s me, laughing stock. 💔

@Punishet_Zar I got dumped because I didn’t respect the side nigger who paid our rent, bought us food, bought me beers and cigarettes and paid child support. Bizani iAmbulance ngyafa #HowIGotDumped

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