I dumped my broke husband only to find out he is rich and was only pretending – Lady cries out

A Nigerian lady named Eunice has cried out after her husband who she dumped thinking he was broke turned out to be very rich and was only pretending.

Read her story below;

My name is Eunice. I’m in great pain and regret right now. 2 months ago, I left my husband, Tunde, just because he couldn’t provide for me the material things I needed to live large and affluently like my mates. I abused him verbally, emotionally and psychologically. I made him feel less of a man. I made him feel really bad about not being well of like other men in our neigbour hood.

My friends didn’t help matters at all. They gave me terrible advices on how to put more pressure on my husband in order for him to try harder as a man.

We had only been married for 5 months when I decided to leave just to teach him a lesson because he refused to give me the 50,000 I asked him to give me for my Christmas shopping. He offered to give me 30k, begging me that the 30k was all he had. I threw the money at his face and it scattered all over the ground then I spat on him and told him that was the end of our marriage.

The next thing I did was to go to our room and pack all my belongings, shattered a taxi then zoomed off. He was staring at me the whole the with angry eyes but he didn’t stop me from leaving anyway, I was surprised. And that was the last time I saw my husband.

However, after a few months now, I’ve been hearing stories from here and there about my husband being a rich man and from a rich family. I thought it was all a joke and that people were just playing with my emotions. Until I went to see things myself.

Tunde was not only wealthy but also the owner of a multi million naira company. I ran into One of his friends who told me the whole story. Tunde loved me from the very first time he saw me but he decided to approach me like he was just a common company worker earning 60k and living in a 1 bedroom apartment. He just wanted to test me if I was a good woman and not the type that would just be after his money.

I cried and cried my eyes out and almost fainted when I eventually saw my husband driving a very expensive car with another woman sitting in front with him. I wanted to approach him and beg but I don’t know how I’m even going to start begging him to accept me back.

I need advice please, what should I do. I’m broken.

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    1. You will never get a rich man again in life. Yeye woman, pls stay away from him oh cause thunder will fire u if u near him again. Destiny killer

      1. You are a worthless piece of shit. All you want him for is his money stay away from him. His new girl go beat your ass

    1. It is better to break your neck and kill yourself.You will never again find a loving and a rich man like ur ex..You blew and gave your good fortune away because of greed and lack of understandings.Too bad and too late.

  1. You could have go back to your adviser that advice you to drop because he can not provide for your need to advice on what to do now .

    1. Well, it is too late to cry and a lesson to u & ur other type of lady after money, u can still beg him 4giveness may be he may consider u & give u another chance but I know u did not luv him u are just after his money. Regards

      1. U don’t deserve any chance again cos u have missed it..
        It a lesson for ladies like

          1. Although it may be made up, this is a reality in our world. Far too many people want a mate that can provide for them, instead of seeking ways to provide for themselves. When love is brought to the table and not material items, the marriage/relationship flourishes more.

  2. That story of the woman that you said left her husband is not a true story but a good written story. I love the story anyway because there are so much lessons to be learnt.

  3. Kick rocks woman like you suck .for better or for worse that’s the oth.what makes you feel he should give all the money he makes in one year to shop cry bitch and die

    1. She shld go back to her friend-advisors for advice & not disturb soc-media user.Can also put up advert-notice looking 4 husband who giv more than 50k for shopping monthly.I bet som-1 applies

  4. You can’t eat your cake and have it. There’s nothing wrong in begging him, he also has to apologize to you for faking his real safe (Deceit) . If you finally mend fence, do away with greed and greedy friends.

  5. U love money and never love him, even now you want to go back just because money, you never stated in storyline that you love him even a bit.

    Nwaooo you, money money money, he may use u to make money if you go back, just stay clear, lean ur mistakes, he comes for u because love is very strong thing than for looking for just because of money.

  6. Are you crying because you truelly loved him? Or you regret loosing the gold digging opportunity that presented itself to you? All the answers lie within you. No one out here will give you better answers than your self, “Experience is the best teacher “

  7. If you didn’t stay with him when he had no money, then you don’t deserve to be with him when he has money.

    1. Love this answer! She had her chance and she blew it. Only person to blame is yourself! Leave him alone and move on! If you love someone you will love them through thick and thin! You deserve what you got!

  8. You really deserve that because your needs are not his, I beg the Man not to ever risk of looking back just focus forward. Just money, money don’t you haven’t arms? There very many ladies out there they work hard and very rich shame to you lazy evil girl

  9. Absolutely 99% of now adays girls are after money no love and caring hmmm that’s why when things are going well for me I’m going to marry 4wifes in life that’s where you will see competitions each of them will try to be the best as among the rest

  10. There is nothing you CAN do except to take the L… you lost boo… shouldn’t be so materialistic anyway so just due πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  11. Material things is not everything in life, if you find another man remember death will not allow you carry your material things with you, just love with passion of heart

  12. Hmmm nawa oooo,u don’t want to suffer with him hahahaha you want already made money…go and die jooor

  13. So sorry sista, never listen to friends advice again. Each relationship is unique and love is not all about money. Move on and forget about him

  14. No woman should want a broke man or a man who pretends broke!You good,Just because they have money don’t make them a good man!It make many of them worse!No character and morals!

    1. The flaw in your logic is that the man didn’t pretend to be broke, he pretended to be _not_rich_. There’s a difference. The story said that he pretended to be a _regular_ worker. It also said that he gave her $30k as opposed to the $50k she asked for. What it didn’t say is what SHE was willing to do to make HIS Christmas better. What I will say is that this man is lucky he got married in Nigeria. Marriage laws in America are such that she would be entitled to half his money in many states. Proverbs 31:10 states: “A woman of noble character who can find for her value is far above rubies.” Whether you are Christian or not, recognize that the passage doesn’t compare good women to rubies because good women are common. It compares good women to rubies because good women are both precious and rare. This man wasn’t a rich man pretending to be a poor man, this woman was a pebble pretending to be a ruby (and obviously still is). That said, I love how you take a story where the woman admits to being purposefully abusive to her husband at the behest of both herself and her friends, and conclude that the man’s character and morals are the ones that are lacking. That’s pebble thinking right there… that’s what that is πŸ™‚

  15. Eunice, what you should do is learn from your mistakes and move forward. Then
    a) learn to recognize a good man (hint: money should not be your main criterion)
    b) using the information from step a- find one and…
    c) using the good man from step b- conform both your thoughts and behavior to be worthy of him.

  16. You are an agent of Satan,, what u can do now is to preach to other ladies so the don’t do what you did, just dance to the tune,, ex husband where ever you are don’t accept that snake back


  18. You should just walk away. You clearly don’t want him for him you just want his money so do yourself a favor and go find a job and make your own money, stop looking for a man to take care of you and stop trying to keep up with your friends. You truly need some time to grow up. Marriage is about more than money it’s supposed to be about love and partnership. Just let him go he deserves to be happy.

  19. Uhm, go find a cat and settle down with some animals, because what you just did is every mans fear of women. You don’t deserve anything else other than a pet to comfort your loneliness.

  20. I write music have my own spot not good enough the money make them look less of a human the humanity leaves and you don’t care about nothing but the money yur willing to put a person though years of pain to get it and lie about why you stayed with them I’m 27 and before I got old enough to understand I got that money breaks morals rules your parents flirting family members itsas if you see the demon in people the more money you got men do the same to wealthy girl then try to take the money from them I HAVE TO ACT BROKE I SEE HOW PEOPLE ARE WHEN I DO AND WHO IS WORTHY OF ME MONEY=BRAINS
    I love people who invest in my love life

  21. I would tell ya to kick rocks! I would post your photo to all the fellas I know that have dough and tell em all Beware of the Gold Digger! Dude did right!

  22. He gave you 30k for Xmas shopping and you threw the money at his face…….
    My sister, you will still do it again because greed is in you

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