I collected loan of N15million for my boyfriend, sold my dad’s land and my car, yet he left me – Jilted Nigerian lady cries out

A Nigerian lady has taken to the Internet  to share how her ex left her in spite of collecting a loan for him, selling her father’s land and her personal car.

This life is not a bed of roses and bad things can happen to even people with good intentions.

Relationship most especially, as it can light up one’s day; making every day wonderful, it can also be a source of disappointment for one.

Some relationships have to lead to so much pain that the victim can never forget the experience and every time they do, tears flow down from their eyes.

That is exactly the situation of this lady who took to her page to share how she was jilted by her ex.

She said she doesn’t even want to talk about it that but she actually invested so much in her relationship and yet the man left.

She mentioned that she collected a loan of 15million for him, sold her dad’s land and also her personal car and virtually all her belongings.

She capped her words by saying that it is a story she will never forget in her life.

See what she said below:

“Collected loan of 15million for my ex, sold my dad’s land, my personal car and virtually all my belongings….a story I will never forget in my life all bcoz of Love”

Many on social media have sent in their love and encouragement to her.

Some, however, were doubting the authenticity of her story, so she added this:

“See dear, it wasn’t a lie at all, I have so many witnesses ooo…I was admitted at LUTH and was in COMA for 6 good months”

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