I can’t breath, my girlfriend has been wearing one pant for six days – Man complains to relationship expert, Joro Olumofin

A Nigerian man has called out his girlfriend who he alleged has been wearing 1 pant for the past 6 days.

In a note he sent to controversial love doctor, Joro Olumofin, the man revealed that the lady has been in his house since last week due to the lockdown and the stench from the pant it is beginning to make it difficult for him to breathe.

He wrote to Joro,

“Joro she has been wearing the same underwear for 6 days straight now

What pain me is that I gave her head this morning. She was hiding the pant. She quickly throw the pant under the bed
See her pant Joro
I sent you pic n video
She saw her period 2 weeks ago so I no it is not blood. I perceive the pant it is not blood but the smell is so bad so bad
Why do this ?
I just remember my mother warning me of girls with dirty pant
Please Joro share
Save my life do I need to do sti test or corona test ?
Tell boyfriends n husband across teh world to inspect there gf n wife pant Joro
I feel sick. Cold n fever is upon me
I can’t breathe”

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