How I slept with my mother, got her pregnant and she gave birth to twins – Nigerian man

Nigerian man (Name withheld) narrates how he slept with his mother and she got pregnant and gave birth to twins, He worked in one of the defunct first generation Banks and became a Bank Manager of a Branch  at  the age of 30 for ten years. But for  thirty years he has been living from hand to mouth.


“I made some blunders. I made some blunders. I just need to beg God for forgiveness but it was not my fault , it was the devil’s handiwork. Today I am 72years old and my head is full of grey.

“When I was very young and naive I met a friend who told me how he was making love with his mother . I said “impossible”. He smiled and said ” it is simple and easy” . This thought flooded my mind while growing up. Whenever my mother and sisters were having their bath I would be peeping through the gaps in the thatched leaves /palm fronds in the village. Later we all moved to another town where my brother was living with his wife who was expecting a baby . I had already become peeping Tom, as I peeped through the key hole and I always watched my brother’s wife having bath. I extended it to my mother too.

“One day I met my mother who carelessly slept off in her room half -naked with a lubricant and vibrator. I later discovered that she was always alone in her room while the television would be switched on, but no voice for she would turn the volume down . I have caught her red -handed many times with a bottle of local gin, kainkain , later I took it as habit buying bottles of the illicit gin for her always.

“One evening she was drunk and senselessly allowed me to watch the adult film together in her room . Before I knew what was happening she had grabbed my John Thomas which had been dangling and moving its head like agama agama lizard. And that was all I could remember until I was lost in her deep forest as she was moaning begging me not to leave. That was how I had my first experience and I started sleeping with my mother without the knowledge of my brother and his wife for five years .

”I started sleeping in her room and nobody ever thought of what we were doing. When I was working as auxiliary teacher I would rush home at break time to have a quickie with her. I found it interesting and fun,never a sin!. Meanwhile my brother and his wife thought I was a serious person who did not like women or sex for not bringing ladies home. After my brother’s wife gave birth , my mother still stayed.

”Our sexual escapades got to its climax when I rented a room apartment and was living alone. My brother implored me to stay in order to have enough savings before I move but because of the free sex I was having I refused. My mother would come and spend days with me in the name of coming to say hello to me yet my brother was ignorant of everything.

”One day my landlady caught us red-handed while we were doing it in my small living room , we forgot to lock the door from behind. She had wanted to give me the receipt of the house rent I paid for the previous day and met me on top of my mother jerking her while she was screaming and moaning at the same time wriggling her waist but I couldn’t stop, you know when you are in Cloud 9 and your brain is charged cum your blood running in your veins .We continued for we were lost in the lust .My eyes bulged out as if trying to burst.Yes, the kainkain I took was working!.

”However, the landlady who was an elderly and wise woman called me and my mother separately and talked to us to stop the act. She even called me secretly and asked whether I was doing it for ritual purpose and I said ”no”. But as the devil would have it , we continued until she reported me to my older brother who cried ‘ abomination’. He threatened to report me to my father who was still alive in the village.

”We stopped doing it .

”My mother became sick .She was taken to the hospital where a doctor said she was having fibroid that made her to be bleeding.By then she was 55 years of age and she did not go back to the village because my father had other wives.

”Her cries and bleeding from the fibroid pain was too much .At the hospital the doctor said it could be fibroid. But when she went to another doctor, a scan was done and she was told that she was four months pregnant with twin babies as the scan showed there was no fibroid but babies!.

”We shamefully told my brother who said she should abort it . But the doctor said the abortion might lead to her untimely death.

”My mother begged to go and rent another house in order to have the baby for my brother and I were the only children she had . She refused to abort the babies and was attending antenatal Clinic. These twin babies were delivered in 1980. This January they would be 40years old. They read good and lucrative Courses ;Medicine and Mechanical Engineering and came out in flying colours and are graduates of …. from the University of… they have good job but with unstable lives!. They are not married .. They are known and popular . Each time they ask of their mother I would not tell them the true story.

”Each time I looked at the twins who are males I feel ashamed while my mother always argued and consoled herself that that is how God wanted it , and if He had not wanted it the babies would not have stayed. She would stupidly and foolishly be referring to the Bible and be saying ‘‘oju ri iru re ri” (Meaning it is not a new thing) what a shameless mother I have!. I could not marry for anytime I proposed to ladies they would tell me their spirit rejected me.

For several years I have not been doing any tangible thing .Few years ago my twins came to ask me some pertinent questions on why their lives were rough and not making it .They said a strong Prophet told them I committed an abomination. Apart from that they asked me to confess the relationship between me and their late mother.I knew they must have been told.

”I have told the Prophet the naked truth and the whole story of my life. He asked me to call elderly people in the family and beg the these children.”

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