Fear grips Lagosians as thug group called “One million boys” drops warning notes (Photo)

A thug group known as One Million Boys disrupting the peace of Lagos state residents has taken another dimension, left a warning note stating that their next strike will be gruesome if a community refuses to comply.

There have been several confirmed reports of the evil activities been carried out by the armed bandits around Lagos state and Ogun state. It was also confirmed that the bandits also attacked Agege and Iyana Ipaja area in Lagos state. Some bandits that were caught in those areas actually identified themselves as the 1 Million Boys. They are known to move around in groups of about 100 persons with different weapons and rob people. They are not new to the residents of Agege as they have been known to operate in this kind of manner.

They recently left a warning note in one of the areas where they were targeting to operate next asking the residents there to be prepared for their coming. They also revealed what they would do to those who do not comply.

The operation of these Bandits are not limited to nights alone as they also operate during the day. This is a very serious issue in which the government has to look into and tackle before it gets out of hand.

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