Covid-19: I begged God to postpone the prophecy, prophet who said the world will end on April 12th

A Kenyan prophet, David Owuor, popularly referred to a the ”mightiest prophet of the Lord’ has postponed the date of his prophecy, claiming that he begged God to postpone it.

Recall that the prophet had recently made a public prophecy that the world was going to end on the 12 of April by midnight.

Since the prophecy, people in his native country Kenya and the rest of the world had been on the alert for the rapture.

It, however, came as a shock to many that nothing happened at the exact time the cleric predicted and many began to call him fake.

Owuor was however alleged to have stated before the due time that he had begged God for forgiveness on behalf of sinners in the world and then asked Him to postpone the coming of the Christ.

The prophet also shared with his congregation other prophecies, claiming that he would be assassinated in the City of Jerusalem but would be taken up to heaven by God. In his claims, the prophet said after his assassination, his body would be abandoned and denied burial.

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