Boy with one leg who hawks pure water found and helped by a good Nigerian

Yesterday 3rd of April 2020, pictures of a small boy selling pure water in the streets of an Abuja suburb emerged and went viral but the real news is that the boy has only one leg and walks with the aid of clutches while he goes about his daily business of selling sachet water.

His pictures went viral after it was published by an Igbo Facebook group page known as Igboist and many group members took it upon themselves to look for the boy and he was eventually found.

The good “samaritans” blessed his home with food items, a bundle of cash and also promised to take care of him in school.

What really impressed Nigerians is the fact that he is physically challenged but instead of begging like some will do, he decided to be productive and engaged himself in business activities.

This is very inspirational and encouraging to those who are fully well but prefer begging.

This small one leg boy is telling you that you can be useful to yourself and the society by doing something profitable no matter how small.

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  1. how will the federal government lock down everywhere without any provision?now it is not the virus will kill more but hunger,if the virus kill hundreds,hunger will kill thousands,so let the government make an appropriate preparation and provision, I just want to make common sense am insulting the government ooo

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