Army men made a reporting journalist swim in a dirty gutter after he was seen reporting during the lockdown (video)

In a sickening video that is going viral online, men of the Nigerian army made a reporting media practitioner swim in a very dirty gutter after they met him doing his job in the lock down period.

The facebook user who shared the post, Daniel Onyeije confirmed the incident occurred at Ubeji Ife road in Delta State.

He wrote;

It’ll cost Nigeria a fortune to educate our illiterate armed forces and security personnels. Look how a media practitioner was dehumanized in Ubeji Ife road, Delta State.

Which way Nigeria is going?

Watch videos below;

One Reply to “Army men made a reporting journalist swim in a dirty gutter after he was seen reporting during the lockdown (video)

  1. I am not surprise, anything involve outside the Norther part which concern riot, killing, fight, destructure, either by civinian or police, army or any of the forces, our chief of arm forces, wil just say pretending word, or wil not say anything at all, because the stigma is on! concerning disagreement to their agreement on their selfish reason, black mind reason, devilish reason, religious and tribalismation, we saw some group of boys were stop by police from entering Mosq, to pray on Friday, and they went and cause riot in the police station and the over power them and born down the station, destroy police vans, cars even people’s motorcircles dat were in the station, up till now, we have not heard any killing of the boys, but just look at what happen in Delta somebody taking or rescuring life to hospital or pharmacy, wether army or sent group of army indirectly to do unsual in d state, our elderly people may say, who dey cry still dey see road, and who eno go tire? Either good or bad, and this so called corona virus is an eye opener, to expose some bad element in this world, thank God the virus is not only the less privilage or the poor or from the lower areas, if not, they could have abandoned them and keep on their normal ways of self minded leading and controlling, as for me I pray dat what God wil do, dat is what wil gona happy, no by any man’s power, God do it, and He only will take the GLORY. Thank u.

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