All Chinese Nationals should leave the country with immediate effect – Kenyan government

Member of Parliament for Gatundu South at Kenya, Hon Moses Kuri has called ordered all Chinese nationals to evacuate their country immediately.

This statement comes after news broke that the Chinese Communuities were harrassing Africans living in their country. A video which circulated showed how blacks were evicted from their houses and sleeping on the streets. These blacks were also evicted from hotels and their apartments despite payment of rents. The Chinese Communuities accused the blacks of bringing Coronavirus to the country.

The member of Government has suggested that these Chinese nationals in Kenya should be evacuted as soon as possible……..

”it is only fair that all Chinese nationals leave the country with immediate effect. How do you blame Africans for a virus you manufactured in Wuhan laboratory? Go back home” he stated

64 Replies to “All Chinese Nationals should leave the country with immediate effect – Kenyan government

  1. Eze Joseph Nwakpa is my name, the Government of Nigeria should check the global rumor which said that CORONA VIRUS is not a virus but as a result of 5G network, and should not allow such a killer network to enter Nigeria no matter it’s benefits, also federal government may lift ban on worship centers because the situation at hand now need only God to be calmed through fervent prayers.

    1. This 5G issue should be considered, because the 3G and the 4G at the moment we are all using have a serious health implications but we ignore it. Radiations from these Gs can cause cancers, tumors etc. Scientist always advice us not to put our phones in our pockets and in brassieres and even under our pillows, and put it aeroplane mode when giving it to a child to play with. These are all health implications.
      So let people bring their minds in this issue because there are a lot of trials and errors in every new things.

      1. Since there is always trial and error , it will be tried in your family first so that we will see how many it kill or leave alive so that we can try it in other places.
        Since we have two lives when they kill one we Will try the second life.

        1. Please am a scientist iam coming to ur house to try it on u and ur family members.let Chinese leave Nigeria alone and go practice their evil activities in their own country and continent

    2. China has 5G fully operational in 50 cities across China. Radio waves don’t cause viruses. Moreover, this is a virus that spread through the air and only becomes active once it enters your body and gets into your respiatory tract . Those rumors have been around for 3G and 4G by the same conspirators. They are preying on people’s ignorance on the matter. Do not fall for nonsense.

      1. 5G is certainly not linked to the Coronavirus but it is not good for human health and should not be implemented. This form of radiation will cause cancer and other disease. Obviously it will be degenerative disease.

        1. Andre if you think 5 G is a runout then you are very uneducated and unresearched. Maybe you should read more.

          1. 5G actually creates the same symptoms as CORONAVIRUS
            Please do research – because it can actually cement and metal , think what it does to your body as it passes thru

      2. If the virus was airborne why everybody ain’t sick kmt yall need to do uno research before talking

      3. Ok. By your argument, let’s agree that it spreads through air. Does keeping us indoors stops the air that carries the virus from entering your house? Who is more ignorant here. I suggest you google virus and get more educated and stop buying into lousy propaganda. High electromagnetive waves of short wavelengths, such as is produced by the 5G network, can penetrate the human body and being to damage your body cells and internal organs.

    3. to which god are you referring. is it the same white mans god jesus, who for thousands of years have watches the Africans suffering? where is your own black god. if you want Africa to grow. get up off your knees and use your heart, hands and minds to build this beautiful continent.

      1. You fool god is neither man or woman, god has no race! God is all around us! Africa was the richest country with gold, oil, beautiful food, until it was invaded n Africans made to feel demeaned due to slavery! God is watching n god will always be punishing where he sees it’s needed don’t be fooled! So you can carry on being an ignorant idiot n live a sad little life in as pathetic as you are! I never wish badness on people but trust me karmas a bitch! None of us asked for china to infect the world, no one deserves this at all! So yeah remember god is watching ALL OF US!

      2. Were are your black Gods who have left affica suffering and being abused by other Gods? Wake up we need all the help we can get and all help we can give. Be a solution not a rantter.

      3. You are blind,deaf and dumb when it comes to the truth about devinity, all your development will fail and eternity prevails, but what you don’t know is worshipping the creation other than the Creator leads you to a great loss and position you for hell,we in Africa have come off age and are working to develop our mind’s and not our graves open your eyes and see the truth of what is most valuable.

      4. Do you believe everything you hear and see. Who said he was white. Many of the people who say they are Jews are not born jews but converted to Judaism. History has a way of repeating itself. Read the book of Esther and see where some were converted to being Jews

    4. We’ve had 5G network since October 2018 in Lesotho, yet we’ve recorded no case of Covid-19 so far. Don’t believe all this lies!

    5. It isn’t caused by 5G technology. It may create another problem but not Corona. Corona virus came from bats. That has been scientifically proven. The first corona virus documentary video says that the virus from bats were doctor engineered in the lab to help it penetrate the cells. No, not from 5G technology!

    6. Do you live in a cave? or you illiterate? Do you now the difference between a radio signal, a ray of sunshine and a virus or bacteria? Do you know what a insect or bug is? How does a very, very small bug travel by radio signals or sunlight? Can a bug go from one place to another place by listening to the radio or looking at a TV? No, it can’t.
      You stupid fucking idiot.

      5G technology is very, very low frequency microwave. It is a a radio wave. A strong radio wave, but not as strong as UV rays from sunlight which will burn your skin. Covid-19 is a bug. A very, very, very small bug. It can cannot ride or fly on radio waves any more than YOU can fly on radio waves. Holy shit, my shoe size is bigger than your IQ

  2. When I heard that the Chinese were evicting these people I couldn’t believe it after all that has happened that they could be so evil! People are quick to forget,what Wii it take for change? They should put them out and fast,!

  3. The world should evict Chinese to leave their respective countries,they are heartless, imagine millions dieing because of rubbish corona that they created in their f’ckin lab and their evil 4,5 G stuff,am ashamed of united Nations as well with the WHO,,shame in you guys and i wonder if you got families?

  4. Why are lots of confusions being caused to humanity with alot of conspiracy theories? Humanity is God’s creation. The very ones he came to die and save on this planet, full of sin and death where no man from a sin free place like heaven would choose.
    He is coming to take the ones who have stood firm with focus to God no matter the whole world crumbled around them.
    This is a temporal life. There will be an end to all these ONE FINE TIME.

  5. Great work Mr President. You are the first President in the World that i have heard of todate standing up for your People by doing this. My opinion is that this is a war clime against the world, committed by the Chinese. All respect to your Mr President.

    1. You do not have to go to the building to pray
      There is no efficacy in the building it is just a place of meeting and worship. The church is you the person. It is irresponsible for pastors to be calling persons out under some misguided assumption that you have to go to the building

      1. Yes but you must understand the word says where two or three are gathered in MY NAME i will be there so the more we are the stronger we unite against the devil

  6. I lived and taught in Chinese universities for 5 years. Apart from the students who knew me, the rest of the community regarded me as a black man (Feizhou ren), they were not seeing a human being. Their hatred for black people date decades or even score years. I left China due to their racism and hypocrisy. I know of two Africans beaten to death by unknown people in China for no apparent reason. They are a cunning and selfish set of human beings and it is time we recognize that. Africa beware, let them leave with immediate effect.

    1. I’m glad that you got out safely! This is unreal what is happening to our people in China. I’m totally disgusted.

    2. Flavius, I’m glad you came out of China alive. There is no sense in what they are doing.. You were helping educate their children! China, a thug and a bully! In all of these chaotic times, they continue to widen their land in Spratlys island, an island belonging to the Philippines!!

  7. These mini eyed creatures(Chinese) should leave not only Kenya but the whole of Africa coz they are just a get, get dealers you will never benefit from them coz they are too stingy specially in giving information. Imargin people working at night to stop others from learning . I have been there for 2yrs but there is a little to like about the place coz of their discriminative way of life. How can they blame Africans for a virus they possibly could have manufactured in their labs? We have little to lose from chasing them

  8. my country Ghana will only wait still ghanaians are affected before they can take action. God bless Kenya government for thinking of all Africa

  9. They are the seat of the Leviathan the spirit of the anti Christ, they are manifesting their hatred for Africans because of our role in preserving our savior, we have already conquered let them leave, I hope my government will take the same stand to send them away, Africans are no longer slaves,we have come off age

  10. You all need be remember who you are. You are not Africans. In many cases you are Israelites. Our fight is in Jerusalem. Allah is goiy to group us up and send us back there soon insha Allah. Embrace Islam before it is too late for it is the only true religion of the Israelites. Judaism is just a stricter version of Islam. Christianity is Pagan in nature and goes against both Judaism and Islam. Be Muslims as God commanded us to be. It is the only true salvation. As Salam Alaikam.

  11. All you guys are idiots, it did not say 5G cause corona, the correlation is there to say these guys made corona to kill people and then deaths rationale the elites like Bill Gates to impose a strict corona vaccination which will contain an electronic chip, with everyone on the planet being vaccinated will have chit injected in whereby it will work together with 5G, by then the programme is to enable everyone on the planet to electronically registered, connected, be monitored, tracked, you be scanned every time, a chip is your Id, for corona is used as a reason to implement a chip into you without knowing thinking you vaccinated against Corona. Besides all these comes with more health effects, highly electromagnetic impacts, Radiation may bring about the immune system weakness, cells decay, cancers and so forth, Well all of a sudden the universe doomed.

  12. I applaud you Mr. President. Yes, they must leave our mother land and go back to China. I have heard and read of many incidents of Africans in China. That’s why I would never visit this country or it’s continent surrounding.

  13. So you guys are supposed to comment about the article and instead you just insult each other. Strange parolee you are.

  14. Real Bad Man. Not because we don’t practice those standards we don’t reserve the right to exercise judgment in defense of persecution. Jah Bless Africa. Nation of wonder and splendor.

  15. Do you believe everything you hear and see. Who said he was white. Many of the people who say they are Jews are not born jews but converted to Judaism. History has a way of repeating itself. Read the book of Esther and see where some were converted to being Jews

  16. God created the heaven and the earth vengeance is saith the lord no need to do the same like them they are wicked to their own people May God punish the devil in JESUS NAME because in his name there is power

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  18. FROM THE CARIBBEAN: The news in China and the poor treatment of Africans (blacks) has already hit the rest of the world. I am really saddened that China, a country that is moving into Black government ruled countries, has failed to respond to this vital issue, whereas Blacks, be it Africans, Caribbeans, Americans, Europeans, all over the world. This act of discrimination and accusation should not have gone this far. I concur with the Kenyan government official, “Member of Parliament for Gatundu South at Kenya, Hon Moses Kuri, who has called and ordered all Chinese nationals to evacuate their country immediately.” Imagine if every black governed country takes this approach. China, it is time to respond. This is a wake up call to Africa and the rest of the world that blacks need to UNITE. Also, this order must demand China to internationally apologize to an entire group of people, blacks, who are the foundation of building this world and bringing it to this level, through slavery.
    However, we are beyond that point, but history is history. It must be known. China was a poor country for some 2000 years and moving forward, people need each other, regardless of color, gender, religion, culture and lifestyle. One cannot do without the other. At this point, AFRICA MUST UNITE AND JOIN FORCES NOW.
    The allegedly manufactured virus (some say) calls that started in Wuhan, China, calls for a time of reconsidering what God has told His people since Jesus walk on earth. He said “the poor will always be with you. …. My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
    Note: “After news broke that the Chinese Communities were harassing Africans living in their country,” note that this video and story has reached the rest of the world. This “video which circulated showed how blacks were evicted from their houses and sleeping on the streets. These blacks were also evicted from hotels and their apartments despite payment of rents. The Chinese Communities accused blacks of bringing Corona-virus to the country.”
    Apparently, it shows that local Chinese are clueless to the fact that it is a Chinese problem, that the rest of world acknowledge is a Chinese virus and, it is indirectly posing discrimination against Chinese nationals in other countries. Therefore, before the pandemic reverses with Chinese nationals being discriminated around the world for such pandemic, much must be weighed out ASAP.
    Finally, I requested and demand in the name of the Lord, God of the Universe, the almighty, that is HIGH TIME THAT AFRICA UNITE and BLACKS AROUND THE WORLD MUST DO THE SAME.

    A F R I C A – AFRICA – OH Africa!!! UNITE! UNITE!. IT IS TIME!


  19. Why are Africans putting up with Chinese people taking liberties with them, the African governments & people should tell them that they will be treated in the same manner, non of us in this world can go into China & not abide by their laws it should be the same for them in every other country in the world!!!

  20. I am so happy to hear that the Kenyan government is taking a stand and can’t be bought by China. I wish the African Union and it’s leaders would follow Kenya lead by denouncing China and kicking all these Chinese people out of their country immediately. If the United Nations and the World Health Organization want do anything to step in to help every African who resides in China and are homeless now and starving due to those racist and prejudice people. Then do to them what they have done to all our brothers and sisters over their, put them out of every building, every shop, don’t allow them not to go in any establishment to eat, and let them see how humiliation and shame feel. Thank you Kenya government for setting a good example on taking care of your people. Hope all of the Africa Leaders do the same. Much Respect!

  21. First, don’t say Africans are only black. We Indians also black. Black or white is not any country’s credit. It is due to the geographical conditions, that’s why they shouldn’t be proud of.
    Not only they should evacuate but everyone to avoid chinese products .

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