Agbor youths beats up DPO and other Police officers after they came to stop the birthday party they were holding despite the lockdown

After the initiation of the lockdown due to the pandemic which stated that people stay in their houses and avoid social gatherings and also keep social distancing among people,Some youths of agbor still went ahead and held a birthday party.

This information of the birthday party held by youths in Agbor got to the DPO Agbor police station and he immediately led his men to the venue which was at reliance road close to orogodo river, delta state.

On getting to the venue of the event the DPO asked for the party to be stopped and for the youths to go to their various houses,but they refused to concur to all he said and resulted to violence against the police officers.

In the process of the brawl between the police officers and the youth of agbor who were having the birthday party ,they managed to overpower the officers because of their large numbers and beat them severely till they let them go.

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