Ghanaian man mathematically proves Coronavirus is a sign of 666 with this Calculation (Photo)

The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus that has claimed thousands of lives has caused many to have different thought as from where it originated from.

No illness have ever brought such amount of threat to the world with the entire world gradually going on a lockdown.

A concerned Ghanaian man has stir up controversies online as he reveals a simple calculation with Coronavirus that sums up to 666, a sign that represents the devil.

The man with facebook name, Reynolds Addo-Labi, has tried to prove to his Facebook friends and followers that Coronavirus is ‘666’.

666 is a number associated with the devil (anti-christ) and this guy is saying the deadly disease is the works of the devil.

To arrive at his conclusion, he used some basic mathematical calculations as he added the number value of each alphabet in the word ” C O R O N A ” and the total sum was “66“. Then the word ” C O R O N A ” is made up of 6 letters.

Hence his conclusion at the number 666.

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