“After I lost my job my wife left me, 6 months later I had a turn around and became a millionaire worth over N15million, now she wants to return – should I accept her back?


According to a question asked online, if your Wife of two months leaves you when you lose your Job saying she can’t live with a Jobless man and after that, she had deserted equipments in your Household.

Luckily for you after 6 months you got a turn around and become a millionaire worth over 15million.

If after hearing the news your alleged wife wants to return back to you, will you accept her?

98 Replies to ““After I lost my job my wife left me, 6 months later I had a turn around and became a millionaire worth over N15million, now she wants to return – should I accept her back?

  1. Anyway is good to forgive but I don’t think you and your wife are pls just ask from your god if you believe in him he surely give you a way out.think twice.

    1. Leave God out of this. Sometimes u need to use your instinct. This sort of a woman is nothing to write home about. Even if you forgive her now, she can possibly do the same thing later on. If it was me, it’s bye bye and we’ll never meet again.

      1. u don’t even need advice in this issue that woman deserve a place in hell, go ahead and divorce her and charge her for stealing heart breaking.and remember that marriage was not built on love but on material things she is only coming back for ur money and not love or marriage.

    2. That wicked witch is never your wife because God Almighty loves you what happens in your office is to the glory of God, only a fool and a stupid man will ever even listen and allow such a thing to come closer to him, even if she is having your babies you allow welfare to come in between the two of you, she never ever liked or love you in the first place, run away from her and anyone close to her even har family runaway, don’t allow your one kobo enter their hands, if you take her back your situation will deteriorate ok,

    3. She will still leave you when next you got broke again. She considered Marriage as a lucrative Business. Search for a decent Lady and do your Istihara prayers. Allah will decide for you.

  2. To me that is not your wife, because marriage is for better and for worse, she don’t suppose to leave, if to say you die in the process, she will simply says she thank, with even testimony in the church.

    1. The Question is do think she would have come back if you are still jobless ? She was only married to your position , as soon as you lost your job she scat. If you ask her back bad luck will follow you. Because, she’s badluck !

        1. Its been educative , and we have also learnt from minds and school of thought , pls Mr. Judas we don’t need your opinion ….. Thank you.

        2. That was exactly what I think,how much is ur salary & allowance that will make up 15000000 in just six months? You must have been earning above 2million naira monthly & if it was true,you wouldn’t have been that broke to be begging ur friends for survival within that short period if you were actually on that salary scale

          1. If we assume he was earning so much before his job loss, his lifestyle may have been the reason why he could not save at all. It may not have been his own making. He probably spends so much every month to maintain the way of life that makes the woman happy. I know women who are very demanding. I also know men who are not strong enough to take initiatives. They commit themselves to making the woman happy and proving their love for the woman. Also, it is not impossible for a company to call a layed off worker back with so much money for compensation. It depends on the character of the management. If the management feels responsible enough to think that they have caused him so much hardship and emotional trauma, they would commit themselves to making it right by compensation. It is also possible that while he was working with the company, his services was so valuable, the company made so much money because of him. If his absence from the company impacted the company so badly or even reversed the trend for them, the company would do so much to ensure they get him back after finding out they made a mistake firing him.

        3. My thought as well bros. He may be called back to work and paid for the months but giving him #15m is not true.

        4. This story is very explicit and not even new. Such things happen all the time. What don’t u understand or what part of d story doesn’t sound true? Pls just pass anytime u come across a story u don’t hv anything meaningful to say.

    2. she was in the marriage for money pls look for a girl that deserve u now she can quench u to inherit ur money in the future

  3. That is a fairweather character. There is nothing to forgive. She is not reliable and trustworthy. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you bring her back in because it is convenient for her to return.

    Imagine if you have health challenge or another financial setback or any other trouble for that matter. She will be gone in a whim without consideration for you or what you both share.

    Let her go away for good. She is not worth the trouble.

    1. U just said my mimd. And it is what it is. That woman doesn’t love u, it’s ur wealth that endeared her to u in d first place. If she loved u as it’s supposed she won’t disappear at the slightest misfortune.

      1. His salary does not have to sum up to that compensation money after six months. In my view, the management that restored him is a very responsible one. The money may be. an attempt to make him feel better after the hardship and emotional trauma he went through. It may also be the company’s attempt to ensure that they get him back especially if he is such a valuable worker. Also even if he earned so much every month during his marriage to the woman, it is not uncommon to see that he could not save a dime. It may be that he was not strong enough to take initiatives during his marriage to spend less and save. He might be the kind of man that goes above and beyond to prove his love to his wife by making her happy. Therefore she dictates everything that happens in the house., including how the money is spent. So now he has to spend so much every month to maintain their lifestyle. That is a typical situation that would explain why he we went broke so fast that he had to depend on friends, family and well wishers after losing his job.

  4. If I were u, I don’t need seeking advice from anyone, she’s a gonna and I will never take her back. She’s a prostitute.

  5. Just let her go,there are ways God speaks to his men. Initially, she is not yours,but God loves you to have brought the challenges, so as to know the devil you called wife.

  6. Brother run very fast for your life, that devil you called her your wife can kill, don’t tak any advice from anybody, run for ur life

    1. Pls stay away from that girl. Though you were not giving #15m bros. Don’t believe this part of the story
      All the best sha. But stay away from her

  7. Please kindly don’t accept her she might be the bad luck for again if you accept her same thing will repeat itself because of her bad luck. If you still lost your job and your life you can accept her back into your life.

  8. My own view is that youshould be very careful she not your wife because if she your wife won’t leave you at all and will abide with you and your condition

  9. The woman is not your wife, she is a gold digger? she would rather suffered with you and fined solution with you as well. Leave miles from her. She is a virus, she is coming to kill you to have the 15m naira. Wise up, naija no de carry last.

    1. No, only forgive but please do not allow her ever in your life again for any reason. A word is just enough for the wise . Stay safe and be very very careful.

  10. She was a bad luck to u, u got married to her after 2 month u were sacked my brother please think about it πŸ™πŸ™

  11. If you bring her back, your predicament will be more than the first one that happened to you…
    She is not your rib at all,God will bring a woman that will stand by you irrespective of your condition

  12. Two wrongs can never make a right ! Accept her back if you still love her but if your love for her is gone, my dear move on !!

  13. You don’t need advice again. Just fly like aeroplane far from her. She is the badluck. God has save you

  14. To be honest I think this story is a sham because I want to know where in Nigeria you loose your job and after 6 months you are offered 15 million naira cheque..please spear us with this transit lies…….

  15. If you accept her back to your house as your wife that’s means you are on red card to have dead certificate before you die

  16. Pls don’t return her back let her go for your own safety because she’s a devil she can go to any extend to destroy you

  17. She is only for better not for wast, after all, she senior you by age despite age are just a number but u have done a favour and she fall har hands by showing her real colour. Is God that makes you to loose ur inoder to show you the kind of person u are married to. My brother run for life

  18. This sort of a woman is nothing to write home about. Even if you forgive her now, she can possibly do the same thing later on. If it was me, it’s bye bye and we’ll never meet again. Come to think of it, you lost your job immediately you got married to her. That means she a bad luck to you. If you take her back now, it’s possible you can encounter another terrible misfortune again.

  19. Not all woman oo bcos my sister husband is not working pass 4yrs now and my sister did not leave her husband so as for me dat woman is useless dat mean she’s after ur moni

  20. Well I will advice u to dump her because she is not a wife but an opportunist looking for fertile land. If anything happens to your health she will be cutting shows with anybody that can give her money and satisfy her material needs. Dump her, you will find a better woman guy.

  21. Obviously, she’s not your wife. You married a liability not a wife or a best friend who would be willing to stand by your side through thick and thin. Remember money is only a substance, it comes and goes! Your wife isn’t worth spending a lifetime of regrets. As hard as it may seem, she isn’t the woman you thought she was. Think twice and hard before you decide. Don’t gamble with your happiness and peace of mind… I don’t think she was worthy of you.

  22. Don’t ever in your life collect that wife back because it’s very dangerous for your progress in this life.

  23. Please my brother don’t forget that God love you so much the Lady in question is not you wife ,God has proof it to you she is agent of darkness she only come back to finish unfinished job which your #15m kill you ,where is she all this while with already made guys ,I believe God has shown you her true identity if I were you forget anything about woman for now focus on job and to direct you steps you will made ur future wife delete that gold digger in life for ever.

  24. Actually, a good wife should be able to endure trying times, if you bring her back, what happens if there is another problem? She would walk away.,just follow your instinct, as far as I am concerned, I won’t bring her back as my own wife again.

  25. Ask God to guide you, but if it happens to me, I will forgive her and formerly divorce her. Adversity reveals your real friends while prosperity surrounds you with fake people.

  26. You can’t really know your true lover until you are in hardship situation.That your wife is not your lover.Is you return her you will know whom she is when you fell sick or when she silently invite you armed robbers

  27. You don’t need advice Mr man if you had died during that Period she would have moved on With her life she’s just after material things and nothing more … Can’t even endure for a while, if you accept her back then you need help. Forgive her but don’t accept her God will lead you into a better relationship…
    I hate nonsense

  28. She isn’t coming back for your love but for the ₦15m…. Young man,
    To avoid the second heartbreak, speak to your senses now.

  29. Very unfortunate that you are being spending ur hard earning money for her , that is why u broke financially. She has sized u up financially before she took that decision. Bro let her become Gunner πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ€›πŸ’―.

  30. I am not interested in the amount you just received. You only want people to learn from this. It may be real or not real. If it happens to anyone in real life, I will advise the man to marry another wife and let go the devil.

  31. Shes a curse to u, she have bad spirit, she’s never ur wife, she’s the cause of the problem u faced, now wen she has finally succeeded with his plan she left, and she left God answer ur prayer back bcos he wanted such to happen, if that didn’t happen u wouldn’t have know that u married a wrong woman , now she want u back bcos she find out u re back on ur feet, but my advise is, after reading this my comment use ur tongue and count ur teeth.

  32. God used your situation to show you that the woman you took as a wife is not yours.
    Pray to God to give your missing rin, a woman that will love and take care of you even in time of temptations.
    Your ex wife is coming to look for a way to dupe you and take all that you’ve got to her boyfriend.
    If you accept her back, I tell you brother you will die young and when I see your pix here that you’re dead, I wont even waste my RIP for a man that killed himself.

  33. My friend, there’s no genuine love between you guys because God makes use of that your sacking to safe you from her havoc she will cause you in the future.

    My advice, look elsewhere for responsible woman to love you without conditions. You ex only married for material things.

  34. The whole story is a hoax, N15m didn’t jell, how much was his salary that he’d be paid that amount in six months.

    1. Hello i dont know you but will you please test her love for you ok just call her and say baby come and lets talk then say i have something to tell you say to her i made a mistake i didn’t get the money as promise and wait and see what her reaction will be see will she still want to be with you for life or if she walk away then you will know it was the money that she wants not you a real woman will stay with her man regardless and work thru any situation so do what i suggested and see for urself.

  35. This lady is a scam!! look for a nice lady to mingle with and finally propose for her…. Leave alone that other woman who will use you and dump you in a broad daylight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  36. this is my advice for you, in the first place your decision is yours, but as what you just said now, leave her for God to judge her, what I think is that she only wants your money only, I guess she takes wrong advice from they’re friends, and she didn’t use her sense to think twice before she takes her steps, wrong advice have throw a lot of women from they’rematrimonial home, you can forgive her because God also forgive us our sin, no one is perfect my brother, but wash your back very well, because all women they’re equal

  37. Please marriage is biblically for better for worse. And it’s supposed to be based on agape love for it to last. This woman neither understands the meaning of marriage nor the foundation on which it is based.base on the above I would advise you not to accept her back she is only after your riches period.

  38. My brother this seems like fiction. I am 99 percent sure it was made up. Probably for engagement and greater reach on Facebook. Let us subject it to an objective and logical analysis.
    1. It is almost impossible for a Nigerian employer to admit to such a mistake and give you 15 mil in compensation. At most you get an apology. Your compensation would be getting your job back. Even in the UK it would not be any different in the absence of legal action for wrongful dismissal.
    2. A Nigerian man will not let the public know that he just received 15mil as he knows that family, friends and their dogs will bring all their problems to his door.

  39. I believe that womanisn’t your wife. Her luck is against your luck. The place you have been working before you married or knew her turned suddenly to a hell to you after marriage. She left you and after a serious prayer God listened to your cry, you were called back. Trust me, if you allowed such a woman into your life again your life may turn sour again and you may not see the favour of God because you God will see you as a disobidient and idiot guy.
    The woman is nothing but gold digger. Let her go and marry Dangote, he is looking for a wife.

  40. Please oga jimoh don’t let her come back into your life again because she will kill you. Thanks

  41. this kind of issue don’t even need critical thinkers or advisers because no sensible human will choice to stay with shit u called wife. whatever happened, stay away from your enemy. in short, she is not wife, she is a devil, enemy and a traitor.

  42. Bring her back
    But remember that one day she will be the one to send you where you belongs to, she will kill you

  43. My brother. Continue giving praise to ur Lord almighty that its just within two months of marriage that such incident happen, what if she has giving birth to child/children for you? So she will leave without giving any second thought about the child/children, come my guy its high time you make her realized that she’s not the type you wished from God. Also learn how to save for raining days so as not to sleep on the floor anymore. Think twice

  44. Don’t accept her back…. She’s after your money and she might ruin your life and even kill you and run away with your money

  45. Don’t accept her back…. She’s after your money and she might ruin your life and even kill you and run away with your money…. She’s not worth forgiving don’t even let her come close to you at all

  46. Never and never, because God has already now what will happen to the family in future that’s why God just put her to test and the truth has revail it self !! So let her fine her way because if she comes back again it will just perish everything and still go. Thanks that’s my own decisions!

  47. What did she wants from you again no no no as a human being you know what to do just think about it you know what to do

  48. she was in the marriage for money pls look for a girl that deserve u now she can quench u to inherit ur money in the future

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