28-year-old man gets married to a 10-year-old minor

A 28-years-old man by name, Abdulkabir marries a 10-years-old girl, Fatima.

Photos of an underage marriage between a full grown pedophile and a 10-year old child bride in Kano have gone viral. Girls they say, are not bride.

This is not one of this Nollywood movies. Minor of 10 years betrothed to a 28 Years old man.

Several reports making rounds on social media, have revealed that the 10-year old little girl got married on Sunday 15th of March 2020 to a 28-year old alleged pedophile man in at Dambatta LGA in Kano.

It is alleged that the 10 years old girl is even the second wife of the man.

Report making round is that the man, Known as Abdulkabir is from one of the richest families in Kano and has even inherited lots of properties. And the little girl, Fatima from a poor background in Bunkure LGA.

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