Woman who dumped her husband after he lost his job begs court to help her get him back after he married a new wife

A Nigerian woman who dumped her husband over a year ago has asked the court to intervene in getting her husband back after he moved on and got a new wife.

According to reports, she dumped him soon after he lost his job.

Akunna Faith, begged the court that her ex husband Orji Chukuemeka’s new wife should be kicked out from her matrimonial home and that she be allowed to get back with him.

Akunna denied that she dumped him because he lost his job but said that Chukwuemeka had been violent towards her thus her need for a protection order.

She begged to return to her husband’s house and that she lives s peacefully with her husband and their children as a family, as they had been before.

“Your Worship, when the child is at fault, Chukwumka takes out all the anger on me and assaults me. If an order is granted, I believe that he will be peaceful and I can then be allowed to go back to my matrimonial home.

“I was in aba when I found that he had married a new wife. I want the court to order him to evict her so that I can go back to my house and live peacefully with my family,”

Chukwuememka however was not entertaining Akunna’s pleas as he said it had been a year since she had dumped him and left their home without notice.

He denied the fact that Akunna was his wife and told the court that she dumped him after he had lost his job saying he was too poor for her.

“I have already moved on, your worship. Akunna is now my ex-wife not my current wife like she wants the court to believe.

“Your Worship, this woman left me a year ago and I begged her on countless times to come back home yet she refused. I moved on and married a new wife last month. After hearing this, Akunna now wants to come back home, this is just pure jealousy,” he said.

“I lost my job and that is when she just left without saying anything to me. She is now tired of enjoying life elsewhere and wants back her husband. I will not have her back,” he said.

27 Replies to “Woman who dumped her husband after he lost his job begs court to help her get him back after he married a new wife

  1. That young woman is crazy. He should not make the mistake of taking her back. Love enjoys goodies and endureth hard times too. Fair weather wife is not to be allowed by a sane man.

  2. The woman as made her choice, let she continue enjoying her life, she can’t endure n support her husband when the going is good, she’s enjoying now things went bad, she made her choice bye bye oh

    1. What else does she wants , when she can not endured the situation at first, now the man has risen again she wants the piece of the cake again. NO WAY. Man neglect her forever, no forgiveness for offence new its consequences.

  3. To me, i see this woman as a person who loved this guy/husband because of the wealth had before his job came an end . This means that this Women mad a wrong choice as earlier anticipated that her husband had enough money for Whole life. Since they had made her choice movr on with her life, let her leave a so called poor man remain With the one he can afford in his life. Otherwise, the court should help this man so as to enjoy his life forever.

  4. It’s unfortunate, all those she was romancing cannot marry her, you can’t have your cake and eat it

  5. Hahahahahaha wat goes around comes around Wat nosense, God forbid u want him back ke to hell with u madam.

  6. The man should not take her back and it because the man got married to another make her to come back home….
    Accord to the man statement that he went to beg but refused to accept the man but now when she knew that the man got married now come back and send the second wife out…
    To me am not in support for her to come back home oooo..
    The man should be wise in the steps he may take …
    Thanks and God bless!!!!

    1. Some women think they are on top of their World, until they mess up and regret later. She must leave the man alone to be with his new wife!!.

  7. She is coming back to eliminate this man.. after one year u want to come.back? My fellow men, never u accept such woman back into ur life. To accomplish second missionary jney… my former neighbour has such issues. Today he regrets it to d fullest….

  8. Who knows whether she was responsible for the lost of the man’s first downfall.
    The man has risen now she is coming to pull him down. The man should think about it and do the needful.

  9. All the comments of other people here l went through are against the women who is crying to have her husband back. All of the massages are personal opinions from those who have not worn this two couples size of shoes, although they look great , All the other opinions have not taken time to look inward but because Nigerian culture and beleives do not respect woman’s right , they said , she is a woman, crucify her crucify her. Nobody ask if Nigerian court has marriage Jurisdictions to follow proper rule of law in this couple’s case even in other cases . Yes on reading all comments, only one person mentioned about Jurisdictions. Not even a person wants to examine this couple’s case to know what the real story behind close doors are. Nobody has considered the children in their mist, all comments has already put a blind eye to the woman’s cry without wanting to give her a listening ear. Even when it was a man that left the home ,the commentators would have still gone against the women not being a good woman thats why the man left her. And people of Nigeria don’t look at the wrong side of the men because they are the head .they even forget that ,the people who suffers broken homes are the Children and involve the whole family crises .Let me quote that, sometimes, ‘The devil you know is better than the Angel you are trying to start with. Who knows the truth of the matters between husband and wife . Who will understand who says the truth or even establish the Gospel truth even with clear invitation . Are people speaking for the man care to know the storm that the lady might went through in her life with the man that only the solution to spared their both life was to stay away from each other for a little break to heal their pains .This is just one year only the man has gone to marry a new wife ,why didn’t he think of bringing the wife back to continue with the family where children will need their mother most no matter what? Exermine that: Do the Man really Love the wife ? Are you sure the new woman was not their problems ? ‘Not all gliters are goal ‘ for sure both could be cooking storries . Are you sure the woman was not the one who brings about the man’s wealth making him feel lazy and insecure wanting her out of his life to showcase the tomatoe of his dream just as he did?. Most women who stays at home waiting for their husband for 1 to 5 years before they see their husband ,Do you tell those women to get another husband ? If not why not? Is this Marriage,? Please tell me, a man who has been cheating on the wife and violent to her when she want to approach the issue .Does that justify a man’s right in marriage? Does ‘ For beter and worse, sickness and health, poverty and wealth’ and so on marriage vows applicable to women alone whyyyyyyy? Yet we were born by mother- women we have sisters ,nices ,cousins, daughters ,grand daugthers and so . why not have empathy as an external body knowing that this two people needs help
    Why not listen to them both ?and find a solution because of the children ? why is it only and always women that cause it, make it wrong ,spoil it . Finally not supporting the women if she left home because the husband became unwealthy as it written here, but l don’t also support that the woman stay under the roof of violet if its true she has to leave because Husband was violent. I blame the woman if she just walk away without finding solution to help the husband anxiety at that time rather than walking away silently. I sympathise with the woman wantung to go back to her Violent Husband as not necessary unless the husband has found healing inside of him to accomodate her without Violence. I would be conern about her health that she should take her husband family and hers’ to sort that VIOLATIONS situation before she resumes with him. And women learn to pusue case earlier than late but don’t feel quilty and regrateful for any hard decisions you made non is a waist. For you man, remember your first love learn to forgive and forget ,remember to be a role model to your children, you don’t beat your wife or violent to have her not scared you/she would have died – Remember death blow no horns it occurs. Be matured ,learn to avoid after effect for any difficult decision you make ,moeeso don’t forget the time ,distance and energy you use to get a new woman is 90% more than the healing to maintain your first love who is the Genesis of your family setup ,Don’t be shy or feel prideful to do the right thing. Women act in a similar way just few are little different so please be a man . Marriage is for two get to sitdown and consider children involve. Tell each other the truth.
    God bless and guide you both with great quality and decission.

    1. So what are you trying to say,for the man to take her back no,what’s if her maisonn now is to killed the man and take over the property

    2. All this your long turenchi is a waste of time , the man has moved on , so should the woman!!..Why didn’t she consider a what you have stated before she left th man ?..Abeg leave the man alone to enjoy his new life , was the woman you were protecting not having fun through out the one year she left her husband ?..well marriage is personal , since the man says no , no one can force him to marry the woman, marriage is not a do or die issue and the freedom of the man to make his choice must be respected !!

    3. Arrant nonsense. Based on ‘evidence on ground’ judgements are made. Stop assuming. You assume too much. I was expecting with all the epistle you wrote to see results of investigation you conducted. And you’re here trying to differ. What’s your point?

  10. That girl is South African, admin can you use a real picture of the woman the article is about Orr stop telling lies…. The woman in the Pic is currently attending court as a rape survivor in Eastern Cape South Africa the Omotoso Trial. Research that trial you’ll see this woman..

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