I wish to get married immediately after my WAEC, a husband is better than a degree – 16-year-old girl

A young girl by name Idongesit Martins has taken to Facebook to share her clear intentions, saying that, after her West African Examination Council Exams (WAEC), she wishes to get married and that a husband is better than a degree.

In her words; I wish to get married immediately after my WAEC, a husband is better than a degree.

See her post below:

What do you think about this?

57 Replies to “I wish to get married immediately after my WAEC, a husband is better than a degree – 16-year-old girl

  1. You have a right decision at a right time. Your virginity is your pride. Do not disclose it anywhere except your husband matrimonial home.
    Congratulations for this religiously decision

  2. I will love to see you get married, this decision is the most exciting words I hear recently, I’m interested if you are willing

  3. Wen u marry d rite one.Wen life hit u hard den u will realize a degree is beta.Get marry and get a degree or get a degree and get married both are important.

  4. My dear as far as you are a Nigerian I think your decision is a better,, there is no hope for graduates in Nigeria and as such is better you make your moves early

  5. Very unwise decision.
    Most of these guys encouraging you just want your young body. When they’re through with you, they’ll find ANOTHER young body.
    Go to school, gain knowledge, gain exposure to be able to stand on your own n, and,yes, assist your future husband and your family.

    1. I believe that young lady she right getting marry at her young age has nothing to do with her not getting her degree.she can still get her degree after marriage if she doesn’t limit herself go on my dear I whish all d mum got married at age of sixteen but as I am telling u she has gotten her ph D marriage doesn’t stop u from not been further ing ur education.

      1. I can see,northerners will never see anything wrong with under age marriage as molesters and defilers…
        Although it’s a good decision at the wrong time therefore,she need a counselor before she go astray

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  7. Your future should be paramount to you. Which degree is, stand out men will look for you.
    My friend don’t worry what your seeing now few of us saw it some years back.
    Hold unto God your maker HE who knows it all. Your present situation is someone’s prayer point.
    Try what I want to tell you now.
    Don’t pray, because you don’t know what to pray. Just start praising God. Sing Psalms (hymns) and worship HIM, call HIM names for 3 good solid days. Just take a seat and look at your friends, neighbours, classmates, family and you see reasonable reasons why you need to praise God.

  8. My dear to early to marry,marriage is not wat u jump in,,u jump in anyhow,u will fall back,,u are still a young youth,enjoy ur youth age

  9. This is good girl from a good home this decision is unique and beautiful but my girl if you will Mary me I will still send you to school to acquire the degree that will be beneficial to our home because education is the key to a happy and successful home .
    Do wish to contact me okay

  10. My dear marriage is very very bitter and his little very very sweet at the same time but it’s not for small girl like you may God help you

  11. very good, there is nothing, my people said, ” any clothe chosen by a child is what will fit him. my God grant you your heart desire in Jesus name (Amen).

  12. very good, there is nothing wrong with her decisions, my people said ” any clothe chosen by a child, is what will fit him/her. may God grant you your heart desire in Jesus name (Amen)

  13. This is so brilliant, dear 16.
    It’s a beautiful idea, t but you should be 19 years before falling in this idea of marriage, allow God should show you your real husband..
    In fact, your desire to get married at the age of 16 is better than the one who desired to achieve a degree certificate.

  14. Narriage is good but is it an achievement? Add value to yoir life will marry now n still discover that the beautiful ones are not yet would have been fine if you marry now and wouldnt have to run to your husband for as little as sanity towel n your other personal effect, Remember he is not your money bag. Go get skill n be sure you have somthing o bring to the table then you can go ahead and marry as marriage is not means to an end

  15. My sis i don’t have much say your decision because nobody think positive or negative without rational so is only god and you that knows what you think before saying that so i sincerely wish you what you wish for yourself.

  16. LOl.. I encourage you Pursue your degree program is you parent has the means to send you off to school.. marriage is good— but pife after marriage is unpredictable.

    Be guided.

  17. Getting a husband is a different from the marriage itself ,it takes a long way to make a relationship stand my sister nobody is willing to marry a liability,further your education and acquire more knowledge from your parent you are too small for that

  18. I cheers ur decision dear, just go ahead and do what on your mind please since the lucky husband of yours have the provision you desires’ after giving birth u
    can as well go aheadd and finish your degree” u are not frist and u wouldn’t be last best wishes

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